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Posted By Admin - Blog Contributor on 03/21/2018 in Advanced Aesthetics

Lip Reduction Is the New Plastic Surgery Trend

Lip Reduction Is the New Plastic Surgery Trend

Lip enhancements have been on the rise since 2000 to date. Large lips are an element of an attractive face; however, the lip augmentation trend is changing from fillers to a reduction of the size of the lips. Lip reduction plastic surgery is becoming popular and requires surgical intervention which is what we offer here at Medspa. If you want a thinner and smaller pout the skin is removed from the lips at the border of the vermilion; that is along the dry and wet border. The surgery is done as an outpatient procedure and local anesthesia is used on patients during the surgery. 

Lip reduction surgery is costly compared to filler injections, but the results are permanent; fillers are cheaper but dissolve within one year and a repeat of them is done to maintain the look. Do enough research before the procedure and ask for clarifications from our professionals and have your doubts cleared.

Why Consider Lip Reduction Plastic Surgery?

  • Excess protrusion of the lips interferes with the muscle functions around the lips.
  • Full lips sometimes interfere with the harmony of the facial features.
  • Sometimes done to correct the effects of a done lip augmentation procedure. It is recommended that one should consider an absorbable material for lip augmentation to project the probable outcome of a lip augmentation before considering a permanent procedure.
  • Some seek to correct lips, which have been inherited and are in existence since birth. In such cases here at Medspa we professionally undertake the procedure with our principles to maintain the patients’ facial structures as well as maintain their ethnicity.
  • Lip reduction is done to correct the congenital deformity. The procedure is an effective corrective surgery to reduce lips for functional purposes. Some patients were born with lips which cause discomfort as they speak, chew, make expressions and saliva control. Some of these problems can be dealt with by reducing the size of the lips.

To ensure a positive outcome of the plastic surgery visit a board certified, highly trained and well recommended professional here at Medspa. A personal consultation is done for you to express your expectations; at the same time, the surgeon develops an individualized plan to meet your expectations.

The Procedure 

Administration of local anesthetics is the first step. Then an incision done along the line where the dry lip meets the wet lip, after which a wedge-shaped strip of fat and skin is cut to reduce the volume of the lip. After removal Z-plasty or W-plasty techniques can be used to close the incision to make it less noticeable, most stitches dissolve with time. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, the procedure takes 15 – 30 minutes. Both lips can be reduced at the same time, but two surgical sessions might be used to get the expected results.

After the surgery, the lips are hard, swollen and numb but pain medications are administered and patients are asked to have soft diet until the swelling decreases.

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