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Posted By Admin - Blog Contributor on 11/30/2017 in Anti-Aging

Top 5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Age Spots

Top 5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Age Spots

What are age spots?

Age or liver spots, are dark spots that occur in areas where there is an over-production of melanin (dark pigment present in skin). UV exposure is the main cause of the appearance of these spots. The areas that typically develop age spots are the ones that have been subjected to prolonged sun exposure over the years; the face, back of the hands, tops of the feet, and upper shoulders.


Age spots are not harmful, except maybe to your psyche. They are benign and range in color from tan or brown to black. It pays to be careful, however, and you should keep an eye on them and look for any suspicious changes. These spots can look like cancerous growths, so check for really dark spots, ones that have irregular borders, or ones that change shape or color. Itching is also a sign to be concerned about. If you are concerned about any of the spots, do not hesitate to have your dermatologist check them out to ease your fears.

Besides the physical effects of age spots, there are the psychological effects that they can have on a person. If you are someone who has always taken good care of yourself and your skin, age spots can be a great source of angst and frustration.

Let’s say you dye your hair to keep the gray at bay, you take get facials, and may have even had some cosmetic procedures done to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. Then you look at your hands and think “ugh!”. Age spots can literally make your hands (or other parts of your body) older. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can combat these pesky little discolorations to have your hands, or shoulders, or feet, match the rest of you.

These issues apply to both males and females. Many men today spend just as much time and resources on their appearance as women. They want their outside physical appearance to match their internal youthful outlook on life.

Treatment Options

There are several viable and affordable options to treat age spots. Let’s take a look at some of the options available:

Bleaching creams containing hydroquinone can be effective with consistent use. These creams can be purchased over-the-counter for a DIY option. Your dermatologist may also use these creams in conjunction with mild steroids and retinoids.

Chemical peels are another option. Prior to using this as an age spot treatment, you will want to consider how it will affect the rest of your skin. The treatments can cause redness and irritation, so you will want to be mindful of before opting for this particular option.

Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion remove the top layers of skin to expose newer, radiant skin. It will gradually peel away the discolored portion of the spots and may take several treatments to see optimal results. As with peels, these treatments are overall treatments and will affect the rest of your skin, so prepare for some redness and irritation afterward. The aftereffects are generally resolved quickly, so you will as good as new in a day or two.

Laser or Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapies are great options because they can be targeted specifically to the age spots and will not damage unaffected skin areas. As with most of the other treatments, it may take several sessions before you achieve the results you expect.

Cryotherapy can be targeted to the affected areas. The skin surface is literally frozen with a blast of liquid nitrogen. The skin will turn white and will take a couple of weeks to heal. There can be minimal pain or discomfort and you may want to take a mild analgesic before having the procedure performed. Most people tolerate the procedure well, but there is a small risk of discoloration or scarring of the treated afterward.


The only tried and true prevention for age spots is avoiding the sun and using high-quality sunscreen when you can’t do so. Sunscreen should be used liberally on every exposed area of your skin. Don’t forget your hands and feet – they are often overlooked. And remember, tanning booths and beds use UV light, so the same precautions should be taken if you are using them.

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