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More than a simple listing, your MedSpa account offers a full, rich profile. You can promote your products, procedures, treatments, and special offers.
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Contact Info & Logo

MedSpa consumers are actively using the MedSpa Directory to find the best Medspas. Ensure that potential clients can reach you and control how your basic business information appears by verifying your business affiliation and providing a valid email and phone number. The verification process helps ensure that your business information is accurate and that only authorized representatives of your business can access and update it. Use our easy form to sign-up today to start your FREE 30-day Trial.

Short Description

Once you’ve signed-up for your free-trial with MedSpa.com you’ll be able to provide a 250 character overview of what procedures and services you offer. Think about the vital details you’d want a potential patients to know about who you serve, what you do, and why you may be uniquely positioned to meet their needs.

Ratings and Comments

MedSpa.com focuses on allowing patients from around the world to rate MedSpas to help others find the best providers for their next procedure. By managing your profile, you'll be able to ensure you can manage your profile's reputation

About Us Section

Control over how your business information appears and have unlimited space to share your story. Use the “About Us” section to let potential customers get to you know you. By crafting compelling and meaningful content.

Detailed Traffic Reports

See the traffic coming to your profile, including how often visitors look at your phone number, visit your social media sites, and other vital stats.

Upload Company Brochure

Have a beautiful brochure that highlights your procedures and services? Easily upload it and share it with your MedSpa.com visitors.

Unlimited Leads

MedSpa.com specializes in driving leads to our active Medspa members. There is no cap on how many leads you can get and no additional costs to claim them

No Advertising On Profile

Ensure your message is the star and prevent potential competitors from creating any distractions. With a premium listing, MedSpa.com Directory users will only see the content you want them to see on your business page—there won’t be any additional ads.

Twitter Feed

It's easy to let visitors stay up with your news. You Twitter feed will appear next to your profile. Instant updates with no effort!

Social Media Integration

Your active social media accounts can work in double time. Integrating your Twitter feed and sharing details about your Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts with MedSpa.com Health Directory is a good way to gain followers, get more likes and let potential clients interact with you.

Embed Video

If a picture says a thousand words, what does a video say? MedSpa.com makes it easy for you to embed your marketing videos. They'll appear both on your member profile as well as in the MedSpa.com Video Resource section for extra exposure.

Member Articles

MedSpa.com visitors come to the site to learn and interact with high-value member content. Sharing your expertise and knowledge is a great way to help deliver more business and leads.


Connect with past, present and future clients by letting them know what you’re doing and where you’re going to be. When you populate the embedded event calendar in your premium profile listing, your event will also show up on MedSpa.com Directory’s master calendar—providing double the visibility.

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