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Medspa.com Membership Benefits

Website Development , Management and SEO–We will work with your existing website to insure you are ranking properly on all keywords relative to your practice. We guarantee top position on google search within your local area for these keywords. 

Social Media Management – We will  manage  your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Posts will go out two times each week on each platform. These posts will contain specials, promotions, events, and relevant articles. We will handle all content as well.

  Paid Search – Our goal here is to bring in new clients for the services you offer immediately. We will design landing pages tailored to your facility for each treatment or procedure and then promote them on channels such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We utilize landing pages because our data proves we have a higher conversion rate. 

 Email & Text Marketing – Striketext™  is an easy, effective and powerful SMS platform that will allow you to have several ways to target new and existing patients. This will increase you show ratio by at least 30% , and its great if you want to fill last minute cancellations. We will provide you with proven messages that we know will work. 

Onsite sales training- We work with several Medspa operators helping them with marketing, and onsite sales training to insure they are maximizing their leads. We do this without having to spend any additional money in advertising . We are experts in data mining and appointment setting at the lowest cost per acquisition. 

 Patient Winback ™- We have a HIPPA compliance agreement as part of our terms of use, that outlines how we go about this. We have trained patient coordinators  call, email and text inactive patients and reactivate them. Our partners are  seeing a 700% ROI!!!- 

If you could use some help with getting your sales moving while not increasing your expenses, let's talk. You have nothing to lose . The call is FREE.
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