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Power Listing and Reputation Managerâ„¢

Uncomplicated way to manage your listings and reputation

$299/mo or free with featured listing

What is A Power Listing?

Our Power Listing  is an all-in-one local reputation management and SEO tool that aims to simplify the way businesses manage their listings and company’s online image. It offers a comprehensive list of tools that will allow users to monitor local listings, aggregate customer interactions, and get access to in-depth analytics in one user-friendly interface. Built to accommodate small and medium businesses, multi-location companies, marketing agencies, and large enterprises, the tool is equipped with robust instant syncing tools, integrated workflows, real-time notifications, location management, unlimited listing updates, review management, as well as analytics solutions. 

Power Listing Benefits

Power Listing leverages the power of SEO and analytics in line with online listing monitoring and company reputation management to help you boost your brand’s visibility. With this tool, you will surely be able to grow your online presence, aggregate your interactions, and get in-depth insights into your overall operations. Here are some of the key advantages the tool has to offer:

Hassle-Free Listing Management

With its comprehensive and configurable dashboard, Power Listing allows users to monitor their listings and citations across over 48 online directories at a glance. Using this, business owners  can easily manage their SEO efforts without having to jump from platform to platform. Moreover, this enables them to get a clear view on their company’s status across the internet and helps them make sure that their details online are consistent at all times.    

Improved Review Management

Power Listing offers robust review management tools that lets them monitor and respond to customer reviews without leaving the window. This feature also allows users to send review requests via email and/or SMS to their clients to boost their overall ratings. Follow-up emails may even be scheduled from the dashboard for easier management.

Better, More Consolidated Insights

In today’s modern business landscape, it is inevitable for you to use multiple communication channels for your marketing strategies. In turn, you will need to monitor your standing on multiple sites in order to check your progress. With Power Listing, all these data are consolidated in one convenient platform so you can make sense of analytics from different sites effortlessly. All you have to do is connect your accounts to the dashboard and treat the platform as a unified center for your operations.

Tracking Keyword Rankings Made Easy

One of the hardest things about search engine optimization is figuring out which keywords will make your content more visible online. This is why Synup offers a simplified keyword ranking tracking option. This way, you can check keywords and their SEO-friendliness using Google, Bing, and Yahoo easily.

More Accurate Reports

It is not enough to simply apply SEO best practices to improve your brand’s visibility. You also need to measure your performance time and time again to make sure that your efforts are working. To help you do this, Synup offers top-of-the-line analytics tools that will help you generate reports for each of your business locations. This way, you can easily find out what aspects of your marketing efforts you can improve.

Overview Of Powerlisting and Reputation Manager

  • Location Management
  • Improve Star Ratings
  • Instant-Sync
  • Niche-Specific Tools
  • Interaction Monitoring
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Fast Response
  • Analytics
  • Widgets
  • Instant Notifications
  • Review Monitoring
  • Listings and Citations Management

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